Collodial Silver 


Colloidal Silver Water is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy.  The benefits and applications of Colloidal Silver are innumerable, this is a powerful natural preventative against infection and disease.  Not only is the Colloidal Silver able to protect your body from infection, but in cases where the body is fighting infection it will boost the immune system to help rapidly overcome many strains of pathogens.
     We are very confident you will be pleased with the results you receive.

Silver Concentration 25 ppm



This is the safest and most effective Colloidal Silver available! We guarantee you will love this product or your money back. It is electrically produced in small batches utilizing state-of-the-art technology and .999% pure silver. We use ultra pure water that is specially structured to more efficiently accommodate a greater amount of silver. The solution is a safe and effective 25ppm. It is very stable, contains uniform particles of the smallest possible size (as small as .0008 microns), and is 100% clear due to the minute size of the silver particles. Laboratory tested and guaranteed to be pure, potent and free of additives. There are no side effects or drug interactions with our supplements and they can safely be used on a daily basis if desired.

Dropper bottle

Colloidal Silver
Eye & Ear Drops
2 OZ/50 ml W/Dropper 
Pure water with

99.999% pure Silver

Silver Concentration 25 ppm
Apply Direct to Eye or Ear


What is Colloidal Silver?
 Colloidal Silver is a dietary supplement comprised of submicroscopic particles of silver and silver ions, electrically suspended in pure water. The particles of silver are over 1000 times smaller than a human blood cell, and the liquid is clear. This ultra small particle size allows the silver to easily travel throughout the body and be eliminated on a continuous basis, with no risk of build-up.
Strawman Farm Colloidal Silver is the safest and most effective form of silver supplementation available.

Why should I use Colloidal Silver?
Silver is one of the many minerals that our bodies need to function properly. Before our soils became severely depleted of minerals in the 20th century, the average daily intake of silver was approximately 50- 100 micrograms. Today, the typical North American diet contains approximately 85% less silver and other trace minerals than it did 100 years ago. Taking one teaspoon of
Strawman Farm Colloidal Silver will supply 75 micrograms of silver. The EPA states that it is safe to ingest 350 micrograms of silver each day. Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of The Body Electric, noticed a correlation between silver and health. People with higher levels of silver had a higher frequency of good health. Dr. Becker believed that adequate silver was the reason for people having a stronger immune system. Traditionally and historically, silver was used as an antibiotic without any side effects or damage to the cells of the body.*

History of Colloidal Silver
Since ancient times, humankind has valued silver for its anti-microbial and health giving properties. As far back as 4000 BC, the wealthy stored their food and liquids in silver vessels to keep them fresh. They also preferred to eat from silver platters using silver utensils, and drink from silver goblets, ensuring a constant, trace amount of silver in their blood. Chinese emperors and their courts ate with silver chopsticks. These people would remain healthy while the people who couldn’t afford silverware were often suffering from various diseases. During the Middle Ages when the bubonic plague devastated Europe, mothers knew that putting a silver spoon in an infant’s mouth could maintain health. The expression, “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth,” refers to an exceptionally healthy baby. In early nineteenth century America, silver baby pacifiers were commonly used. American settlers used to put silver dollars in their milk to delay spoilage. Silver leaf was used to combat infections in wounds during World War I. In Ayurvedic medicine, silver is used to rejuvenate the body and support liver health.

Long before pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver preparations were used in hospitals, and up until the 1930’s, Colloidal Silver was the only antibiotic available. In 1884 the practice of placing a silver solution in all newborn babies’ eyes had begun in order to prevent blindness caused by a secondary infection. This practice continues to be required by law in the US and other countries. By the early 1900’s, silver solutions in the colloidal form rapidly gained recognition as one of the best agents to maintain health. Colloidal Silver was now the preferred form of silver supplementation. By 1940 there were approximately four dozen different silver compounds on the market. However, the cost of producing high quality Colloidal Silver was very expensive compared to today, and silver is not patentable. These two factors contributed to a decline in the use of silver when cheaper, patentable antibiotics such as sulfa drugs and penicillin were discovered in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Colloidal Silver began receiving attention again in the 1970’s, when it became obvious that antibiotic overuse was causing a health crisis due to germs becoming resistant to pharmaceuticals.

Nowadays, silver is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It is being used in water filtration systems, lining municipal water storage tanks, and embedded into athletic clothing and paints to prevent microbial growth. Bandages and wound dressings are now often laced with silver. Silver-based creams are found in most burn wards and have saved lives. Colloidal Silver is affordable and once again is becoming known as an effective and safe mineral supplement. It is classified as a dietary supplement and may very well prove to be one of the most important products for maintaining optimal health.

Colloidal Silver Safety
Although it’s one of the safest supplements on the market, Colloidal Silver has recently been linked to argyria, a bluish-grey discoloration of the skin. When correctly made, as
Strawman Farm Colloidal Silver is, the risk of argyria is nonexistent. Argyria is a medically benign condition in which large particles of silver, from improperly made Colloidal Silver or silver compounds, are deposited under the skin. Argyria has never been reported from the use of pure, electro-colloidal silver, free of protein or other stabilizers. The reason is because properly made Colloidal Silver contains particles in the range of .0008-.005 microns, over 1000 times smaller than a human blood cell. At this sub-microscopic size, the silver particles can move freely throughout the body and are easily eliminated on a continuous basis.

Products that have caused the rare condition of argyria are: silver nitrate, silver citrate, silver chloride, and mild silver protein. All of these have in common very large particles of silver that can get lodged into skin tissue. Many products claiming to be high concentrations of Colloidal Silver, typically in the range of 30 – 5000ppm (parts per million), are actually a “mild silver protein.” These products generally have very large particles of silver and therefore need a protein, most commonly gelatin, to keep the heavy particles suspended. Mild silver protein can be identified by shaking the bottle. If a soapy-looking foam persists, a protein is present. In addition to the silver compounds listed above, improperly made Colloidal Silver could potentially lead to argyria if large amounts were consumed over a long period of time. If Colloidal Silver is made with impure silver, impure water, additives such as salt (which produces silver chloride), or a colloid generator lacking automatic voltage control technology, then the resulting product will be poor in quality and lack clarity. These factors lead to the production of large particles of silver and/or undesirable compounds. Inferior Colloidal Silver may be yellow or even darker in color due to large particles or additives.

Strawman Farm Colloidal Silver: Unsurpassed Quality
It is very important to know the quality of the Colloidal Silver you use. At
Strawman Farm we produce ours using the latest technology and superior production methods. Our solution contains 25ppm of the purest silver suspended i n pure water. It is made slowly in small batches using a state-of-the-art, commercial colloid generator which automatically adjusts  as water conductivity increases. This keeps the electrical current constant and produces uniform particles of silver which are consistently small, as indicated by the clarity of the liquid. Our generator also employs a circulation pump during production to provide an even distribution of particles and prevent agglomeration (smaller particles binding together to form larger ones). There does not exist a better way to produce colloidal silver.

Strawman Farmis committed to providing the finest Colloidal Silver available. It is guaranteed to be pure, potent, safe, effective and free of additives.
Your satisfaction is also 100% guaranteed!*

Spray bottle

Colloidal Silver

Respiratory Spray
2 oz/50 ml OZ
Pure water,
99.999% pure Silver
Concentration 25 ppm

Replace your hand sanitizer with


Colloidal Silver Respiratory Spray  is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy.  The fine sprayer is designed to administer a mist of Colloidal Silver directly into the throat and lungs.   This Respiratory Spray has case's  of Pneumonia which have been eradicated within 48 hours, the applications also eradicate many cases of Bronchitis, Influenza, and Sinusitis have also been successfully treated. In some cases where convention methods were not able to supply a cure, the Colloidal Silver was able to successfully reverse the condition.  We cannot guarantee the spray will treat all sore throats, however we have received many testimonies of sore throat prevention, while co-workers and other family members suffered.

Replace your hand sanitizer with COLOIDAL SILVER SPRAY

Antiseptic and disinfectant perfect for travel
Disinfection of Hands, utensils used for food and drink, and surfaces.

any where you want a all natural hand sanitizer.

great for pets ear infections.
Find out
why silver??

Colloidal Silver General Maintenance of the body:
against germs , viruses, harmful bacteria, allergens and
pathogenic infection . One half teaspoon everyday for
six days out of seven. The solution should be poured
under the tongue and held there for about thirty seconds
before swallowing. Specific Use: Used to treat colds, flu
and other infections relating to the nose , throat and chest,
it is recommended that a nose dropper is used to drop two
drops directly into each nasal passage whilst hold the
head back to allow the solution to work its way down
through the nasal passages to the back of the throat before
swallowing any colloidal residue. This nasal regime should
be carried out both morning and evening when experiencing
the beginnings of a cold, sinusitis, or flu infection. Use it at thefirst sign of an itchy dry throat, sneezing, or problem sinuses.
General Body and Skin Conditions: For treating aches and
pains within the body and muscle and joint aches etc. a full
teaspoon under the tongue daily (taken above) together with
topical use by either spraying the colloidal solution on to the
skin and gently massaging it into the skin where the problem
is manifesting itself; or in the case of any skin problems,
Psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, burns, bights, or any skin
trauma, spray topically immediately after the occurrence.
Arthritis, Gout, Muscle and Joints: treat exactly the same
as above but add colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper in the
same amounts both orally and topically Colloidal Silver can
also be applied safely directly to the ears, nose and eyes,
using a rubber bulb glass dropper to dispense two to three
drops to each eye or aperture.
An opinion by non-medical doctors. The following are the
personal opinions of holistic alchemists meant as a basis f
or experiment and not given as medical advice. To obtain
medical advice you should seek out the opinion of a medical
doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner.